Kumihimo – 3/18/2017


At our March meeting I will be teaching an introduction to kumihimo, or Japanese braiding. This will be followed by a more advanced class at our June meeting taught by Marcia White. (Thanks, Marcia!)

If you want to make a simple braided necklace or bracelet, you will need to bring the following materials.

A kumihimo loom (available at craft stores) or online or perhaps you could make your own

At least 8 kumihimo bobbins (16 of you want to learn advanced techniques). The bobbins keep the cords from tangling. If you don’t want to invest in them at this time, you can do without but realize the cords will get tangled more easily.

Two skeins of embroidery floss

In order to finish the project you will need findings and some superglue. See below for the kind of findings you will need.

For our project we will make the necklace in the lower right hand corner of the above picture.

I highly recommend that you go online to primitiveoriginals.com and order their kumihimo beginning kit for $12. This will give you everything you need to make the aforementioned necklace (including the pendant) except for the glue. It includes an instruction booklet. If you already have a loom and bobbins you can order the necklace items by themselves for $5 (necklace kit with filigree focal point).

If you purchase your items elsewhere you need to know that to finish the necklace you will need the twist-magnetic end cap set that is sold at primitiveoriginals.com or something just like it. I was unable to find any findings at Hobby Lobby that would work. You may want to wait until after the March class to get the findings or you can order them online at primitive originals.

Kumihimo is a fun, portable, and inexpensive hobby. I hope to see you in March!



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