Meeting Schedule

JUNE 16th, 2018 – Sock Knitting

Supplies Needed:
– Skein of Sock Yarn is Preferred, but any yarn will work
– Progress Keeper
– Circular or Double Point Needles (needles will be provided for paid members)

We will be learning to knit socks toe up! These will end up being an ongoing type project, so the instructor will be available at most meetings for additional help.


JULY 21st, 2018 – Christmas in July

We will be creating our tray toppers for the Meals on Wheels charity project for our July meeting! Not only will we be working on this amazing project, but there will be mulled cider and cookies! We need at least 250 pieces this year… so the more hands the better!


AUGUST 18th, 2018 – Felting Revisited

Our gracious member Jennifer has volunteered to do another felting program with us! Mark your calendars now and more details will be coming!


SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2018 – Inkle Weaving Presentation

We have the amazing opportunity to have Jennifer Williams come and talk to the group about inkle weaving!!! Jennifer is a phenomenal weaver out of the Orlando area and does amazing work! She will be talking to us about what inkle weaving entails… we may be having a workshop with her in the future as well 🙂


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